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    It's all overMarch 29, 2011

    As you can guess from the date of the last release, we haven't done anything in the last few years. But don't despair, I've been working on bringing a better IM experience to the desktop. And with Empathy now providing integrated Multi-Protocol (including ICQ) Instant Messenger and VoIP in GNOME 3, I think we can say Mission Accomplished.

    GnomeICU 0.99.16 ReleasedMarch 29, 2011

    There was some stuff in the git tree that I had never released. So better late than never, here it is. It contains some tiny fixes and translation updates.

    Don't bother reporting any bugs, this is the final release.

    [Download Page]

    GnomeICU 0.99.14 ReleasedNovember 3, 2007

    We're not dead (yet)! The main thing is this release are bugfixes, especially some that allow compatibility with newer versions of the windows client.

    • Use GtkStatusIcon from GTK+ 2.10 (with a backport available for Gtk+ 2.8 users)
    • Make ignore, visible, invisible and online notify lists instant apply
    • Lots of bug fixes

    Report any bug to

    [Download Page]

    GnomeICU 0.99.12 ReleasedOctober 26, 2006

    Some people had problems connecting recently, this release should fix it. The login code was the oldest code from the v7 port and was in a dire need of re-writing. GnomeICU has also been ported to use GtkStatusIcon and GOption. The required version of GTK+ is now 2.6. But you will need 2.10 if you want to have the status icon. You can still use the applet for older versions. The history parsing should now work properly with long messages. There are also a bunch of other assorted protocol and UTF-8 bugs fixed.

    The Fedora Core 5 RPM includes the applet, you need to start it independantly of GnomeICU by adding it to the panel like any other applet.

    Report any bug to

    [Download Page]

    GnomeICU 0.99.10 ReleasedFebruary 15, 2006

    Another change in the protocol was recently made and I did not notice it in time for the last version. Messages from recent versions of the Windows ICQ client were not received properly, this new version should fix it.

    Again, please report any bug to

    [Download Page]

    GnomeICU 0.99.9 ReleasedFebruary 12, 2006

    No GnomeICU is not dead, We have a new release. A recent change in the ICQ protocol has caused GnomeICU to disconnect all the time, so here is GnomeICU 0.99.9. Its mostly a bug fix release.

    • Added a --hide command line option
    • Save the position into the session
    • The tray icon now responds to single click to be consistent with other gnome apps
    • Added "onlince since", "last seen online" and "idle for" to user info dialog
    • Added user info button to the authorization request dialog
    • Fix the gnomeicu icon to show up correctly in the session splash screen
    • Do not play user is online during the first 30 seconds of a session
    • Now send with enter by default (ctrl-enter is still an option)
    • It now compiles on NetBSD 2.x (thanks to Julio M. Merino Vidal )
    • New translations: Punjabi (pa), Norwegian Bokmål (nb), Kinyarwanda (rw), Nepali (ne)
    • Fix various bugs, crashes
    [Download Page]

    GnomeICU 0.99.5 ReleasedMarch 28, 2004

    Its been a long year since the last release, but GnomeICU is not dead... We are slowly moving towards GnomeICU 1.0, the full ICQ release. This in an intermediate release, so that you, as our beloved users, can enjoy all of the bug fixes that are in our CVS.

    • Lots of bugs fixed
    • Code cleaned up in many place
    • HIG improvements
    • History display should be faster
    • More bug fixes
    • gnet dependency is gone
    • Optional spell checking is back with GtkSpell 2.0
    • New translations: Non-US English (en_GB, en_CA), Croatian (hr), Macedonian (mk), Malayalam (ml), Belarusian (by) , Serbian (sr)
    • Did I mention that we fixed bugs?

    As always, please report bugs to And you can follow our progress towards 1.0 on Bugzilla and maybe give a hand.

    If you are using the RPMs, please install the debuginfo RPM too so you can submit useful bug reports. Also, thanks to Christopher Ness for the RPMs.

    [Download Page]

    GnomeICU 0.99 ReleasedMarch 8, 2003

    After months of hard work we have a new release. The main focus of this release was to get all of the features in place for 1.0. Only one BIG thing is missing: working, stable file transfer.

    New features are:

    • Supports Gnome 2.2 Desktop
    • Cleaner text based UTF-8 history format
    • Completed GConf transition (GnomeICU no longer uses gnome-config)
    • Completed i18n, we should now send and receive unicode whenever we can
    • Nicer icons and sounds
    • Cleaned up away-messages handling
    • New user creation druid by Daniel Perup
    • Disconnection detection also by Daniel Perup
    • Fixed session management (works in Gnome 2.2)
    • And tons of little improvements and bug fixes


    • The applet is now deprecated, the "Notification Area" (systray) for Gnome 2.2 should be used instead.
    • For people who have problematic connections, the disconnection detection can be a little too sensitive and can be disabled in GConf.
    • The RPMs 0.99-1 to 0.99-4 had problems installing the GConf schemas, if you are have problems with it, get the updated version

    As always, please report bugs to

    [Download Page]

    GnomeICU 0.98.126 (0.99 beta) ReleasedNovember 8, 2002

    We are quickly approaching our 0.99 release right now. But before we get it out of the door, we want to make sure that most of the critical bugs are eliminated. So here we go with GnomeICU 0.98.126, our 0.99 beta. Hopefully this will be the only beta we are gonna release before 0.99 comes out.

    What's new?

    • Lots of bugs fixed
    • GnomeICU now also supports the Gnome 2.2 notification area (a.k.a systray) (Daniel Romberg)
    • Manual is accessible again, but it is very out of date
    • New and improved user info dialog (Eskil Bylund)
    • Fully functioning contact list with group support
    • Clickable URL on message windows (Sebastien Bacher)
    • File transfer is half working now. You can send, but not receive
    • More Gnome 2 cleanups
    • oh, and we have a much clearer Gnome menu icon

    Since this is a beta release, we would like you to try it out. If you find any bugs, please file a bug report at bugzilla, so that we can stablize the code for the long awaited GnomeICU 0.99 release.

    We would also like to thank the following individuals for their contributions (not in any order):

    • Vincent Untz
    • Sam Izzo
    • Eskil Bylund
    • Daniel Romberg
    • Frédéric Riss
    • Iain
    Note: The RPMs are for Redhat 8 only.

    [Download Page]

    GnomeICU 0.98.111 (aka 0.99 alpha 1) ReleasedAugust 10, 2002

    This is our first Gnome 2 release! This is an alpha release and contains bugs, so don't run your mission critical application on it... But we consider it to be otherwise quite usable.

    What's new ?

    • Ported to Gnome 2
    • Gnome 2 applet, now in a separate process
    • All dialogs (except for the preferences which will be in the next release) are now gladified
    • Groups are now displayed using the new GtkTreeView widget
    • Contacts can be moved between groups
    • The message dialog now has customizable emoticons
    • It is now possible to use GnomeICU to connect to AIM instead of ICQ
    • And many many many bugfixes and cleanups
    Specials thanks to Fred Riss for the original Gnome 2 port and the new RTF message parser, Daniel Romberg for the new applet, Jeremy Wise without whom none of us would be here and everybody else who has contributed to this great piece of software
    [Download Page]

    New Screen Shots for the Gnome 2 GnomeICUAugust 1, 2002

    Well, we have said that a Gnome 2 release of GnomeICU is coming out soon. While you are waiting, why not have a look at some of our new screenshots? The screenshots are taken on a Gnome 2 desktop. What's new is that GnomeICU now supports ICQ groups now. Not only that, your contact list is saved on the server (with your groups settings), so you can use ICQ anywhere without worrying about re-adding contacts.

    So please check out our screenshots page.

    GnomeICU with Gnome 2 SupportJuly 30, 2002
    Just when you found out we have released GnomeICU 0.98.3. We would also like to let you know that GnomeICU is being ported to the Gnome 2 Desktop platform. Currently, development is done on the main branch (HEAD) of our CVS tree. A release of GnomeICU for Gnome 2 should come out soon.

    Here are some of the new features (and possibily more):

    • Group support, using the new, featureful GtkTreeView from GTK+ 2.
    • The Gnome 1.4 applet is obsolete; we've have made a new one.

    Check out our development page for CVS access information.

    GnomeICU 0.98.3 ReleasedJuly 30, 2002
    This is the latest version of GnomeICU for the Gnome 1.4 desktop platform, and probably the last release for this desktop platform. You should only get this if you are still running Gnome 1.4 instead of Gnome 2. The following are the changes from GnomeICU 0.98.2:
    • Creating new user finally works prefectly.
    • Fixed user info receiving, and the UI of it.
    • New XML contacts file (not using gnome-config anymore to save your contacts). Contacts are now saved in $HOME/.icq/contacts.xml and on ICQ server.
    • Much better user authorization support.
    • Much more stable server side contacts list support.
    • User interface cleanups.
    • Many other bug fixes.
    Note: File transfer and Chat are not supported in this release.

    New translations/documentation:

    • Added Latvian (lv) language support.
    • Added Basque help.

    Many thanks to all who has contributed to this release.

    Important: You must now have GNet 1.1.x installed to use GnomeICU. You can get the latest version from here.

    [Download Page]

    GnomeICU 0.98.2 ReleasedFeb. 22, 2002

    The 0.98.1 release had a few problems, so we worked hard and fixed them... Here is the new "almost bug-free" 0.98.2. If you are upgrading from 0.98 or earlier, BACK UP YOUR CONTACT LIST!. And read the instructions below. Supporting server-side storage also means that if you have different contact lists in ICQ2001b and GnomeICU, they will not be merged, but the list already stored on the server from ICQ2001b or ICQLite will override the GnomeICU list.

    Important: You must now have GNet 1.1.x installed to use GnomeICU. You can get the latest version from here.

    [Download Page]

    GnomeICU 0.98.1 ReleasedFeb. 21, 2002

    After an incredible amount of hacking, GnomeICU has received a face-lift, updated protocol code, and much more. A majority of the dialogs have been cleaned up and ported to libGlade, which means far less crashes and a better user experience :) Also, we now support server-side list storage, so if you use ICQ2001b, your contacts will be instantly copied over to GnomeICU! With that note, however, take this one to heart: BACK UP YOUR CONTACT LIST! If you don't know where it is, it's in the file ~/.gnome/GnomeICU. Make a copy of that file before running 0.98.1. We don't anticipate problems, but we can't guarantee anything. If something does go wrong, please send us a detailed email at and we'll get things ironed out. We hope you appreciate our work!

    Important: You must now have GNet 1.1.x installed to use GnomeICU. You can get the latest version from here.

    [Download Page]

    GnomeICU 0.98 ReleasedDec. 23, 2001

    No, GnomeICU is not dead... Yes, it has probably appeared that way ;) Thanks to a wonderful GnomeICU development team, we now have support for the new ICQ 2001b protocol, though a few features are still lacking. Go straight to the download page for more information!

    Important: You must now have GNet 1.1.x installed to use GnomeICU. You can get the latest version from here.

    [Download Page]