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  • Screenshot of the main window
    Main Window

    This is the primary interface for GnomeICU. All of your contacts are presented on one of two lists: Online or Offline, depending on their "status." The icon next to their name (or alias), and the color of their name or alias indicate whether the contact is available, not available, or in one of the other statuses allowed in ICQ. The colors and icons are fully customizable from within GnomeICU's powerful Preferences dialog. The main window can also be hidden if you make use of GnomeICU's powerful and intuitive Panel Applet. A lot of work has been done to make GnomeICU one of the easiest to use and most powerful applications on your Gnome Desktop.

    Send Message Window

    GnomeICU's messaging system has always had ease of use in mind. Mirabilis' ICQ authors like to clutter the dialogs in their client with numerous little buttons and advertisements. GnomeICU was designed for the user who just wants to send a message to a contact. You can also notice that we have emoticons, those are also customizable.

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