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    Icon Themes

    Brought on by the efforts of David Tabachnikov, GnomeICU now has icon theme support. With icon theme sets, it is very easy to change the appearance of GnomeICU to better fit your tastes, your desktop, or whatever else you're trying to match :) Four icon themes come with GnomeICU by default (if you're using GnomeICU 0.95 or newer): Default, reDubbed, Gradients, and Eyeballs. The GnomeICU Author is not at all graphically gifted, so ICU is completely dependent on outside parties for producing icon sets. However, the author (Jeremy Wise) does have the right to edit or reject any submitted icon sets. You've been warned.

    To install an icon set, create the directory $HOME/.icq/icons, if it doesn't already exist. Download the associated tar.gz file, move it into $HOME/.icq/icons, and unzip it using tar zxf themename.tar.gz. Then, in GnomeICU, pull down the ICQ menu and choose Preferences. Then, find your new theme in the theme list on the Miscellaneous tab. Click the Apply button to see if you like the theme, and then OK to commit your changes. Voila! You have a new icon set. We will work on making this a little easier, but for now you'll have to bear with the process.

    This was the the icon set used by GnomeICU since version 0.55. Unfortunately, I never recorded the author of this set :( If you're out there, send me an email, and we'll get your name up here where it belongs!

    This theme was designed by Shandy Brown. Some think that this is a scary theme; I think it's rather creative. Shandy's homepage is located here.

    David Tabachnikov wanted to take a stab at creating an icon theme set after writing all the code to support them, and this is what he came up with. I don't think the icons really mean anything; but it looks good.

    This is probably my favorite set. It's very simple, and the icons are easily distinguishable. This set was designed (with much poking and prodding to get it finished) by Jeffrey Waugh.

    MacOS X
    This icon set was copied from LICQ's theme of the same name. They look like a set of icons from the new MacOS X GUI. This is a very clean bit of eye candy :)

    Windows ICQ
    If you've been around ICQ at all, you'll recognize these icons as ICQ's original icon set. Whoever designed these things did a very nice job at it, because many people still prefer these over the alternatives. The actual icons in the package are "like Windows ICQ icons", and were created by Marco Vittozzi, and ported to GnomeICU by David Tabachnikov.

    The Eureka theme was ported from Ickle by Sam Izzo. This theme was originally made by Dominic Sacre

    The Linux penguin is the center of this theme ported from Ickle by Sam Izzo. This theme was originally produced by Barnaby Gray.

    The nice theme centered around the ICQ flower has been designed by Maxim N. Brykoff for the Miranda ICQ client, it has been ported to GnomeICU by Timothy Babytch.

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